Business Cards

Foil Business Cards

  • A rich, textured look is provided by the premium foil stamped finish
  • Select metallic color choices from gold, silver, & copper
  • Printed on thick cardstock, uncoated or laminated silk

With Foil Business Card Printing, Shine a Spotlight On Your Business

Longing to catch the attention of somebody and make a lasting impression? With foil business card printing, it can be a shiny, sparkly experience to promote your business. Business cards with foil-stamped accents give your business a sleek, personalized look that makes it look more professional and credible.

Here are the important things about our custom-printed foil business cards that you need to know:

  • 3 metallic colors available: gold, silver, or copper
  • Choose from standard 14 pt. uncoated cardstock or premium 16 pt. silk laminated heavy cardstock.
  • The 16 pt. cardstock is slightly thicker than the 14 pt. and is recommended to complete the foil design’s chic and shiny look.
  • Spot UV accent finish: Aside from a metallic finish, adding some  spot UV design on 16 pt. cardstock brings another element of shine and texture.
  • Ideal for luxury branding, concierge services, law offices, VIP business meetings, and other business dealings where you want to dress to impress.


Why Prefer Printing with Foil Stamping?

  • Maximum Shine. A foil stamped finish offers a more realistic metallic look and pronounced shine and reflectivity compared to metallic ink prints.
  • Unique Texture. Since foil printing is applied last, it has a textural element that feels smooth to the touch, just like how actual metal feels. This metallic finish works great for embossing and debossing accents.
  • Durability. Foil stamped prints have a much longer lifespan especially for debossed design, since it creates a better seal onto the cardstock.
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