Business Cards

Folded Business Cards

  • Get double the space
  • Folds to standard 2″ x 3.5″ size
  • Flat size is 4″ x 3.5″
  • Free File Check

Stand out by using folded business cards from all of the other business rivals. The paper fold separates this advertising content. It is also able to provide more room for additional information about your company because of its fold. These features make this card an efficient way to make your brand remembered by individuals.

Of the 16 pt. With its added weight, cardstock bears the most premium and competent impression. For a sleek, luxurious look or gloss, add matte to give it a little more heft.

Quantity order is from 25 – 100,000 pieces with a turnaround time of as fast as the next business day.

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To ensure it is set up correctly, select the right format for you and line up your artwork. Checking the orientation of the top and bottom in relation to the folded and external edges is critical. Setting your artwork up is simple until you compare it to one of our models below.

Please be sure to DELETE "guide layer" before you submit your files and send to print.