Business Cards

Metallic Business Cards

The use of full-color printing has been pushed to its limits.

  • Your clients will recall your business cards.
  • Uses a gleaming metallic ink that catches the eye.
  • Printed on 16 pt. cardstock for longevity.

Your brand will be remembered if you use metallic business cards.

The best way to promote the company is to do it correctly. Metallic business cards make a good first impression on prospective customers. Metallic ink printing uses silver foil under standard ink to give every color business card a metallic sheen.


Why Should You Print Metallic Business Cards?

Metallic business cards are an excellent choice if you want to make a strong first impression. An eye-catching design with a gleaming, metallic finish will attract attention to your brand and illustrate to potential customers that you pay attention to the finer points.

  • Graphics stand out even more with metallic paint.
  • A high-gloss UV coating brings every template to life.
  • The luxury look is completed by printing on 16 pt. cardstock.
  • They’re a perfect way to launch a conversation.
  • At conferences, trade shows, and client meetings, metallic print business cards make it easier to communicate.
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  • Follow these steps to prepare your file for metallic printing:
  • There should be two layers in your file.
  • Your artwork is contained in one sheet.
  • Another sheet to reveal the position of the metallic.
  • The artwork and metallic layer should be perfectly aligned.
  • Using san serif fonts of 12 pt. or larger for the best text performance.