Business Cards

Square Business Cards

  • 4 compact sizes that are easy to carry anywhere
  • Various heavy-duty premium stocks to choose from
  • Quick turnaround time

Offer companies and professionals the advantage with square business card printing to make the first impression. You can break away from the bland rectangular shape we often see by using a square-shaped business card. The unusual shape allows potential customers to see a glimpse of what you are all about and your services. And make them recall you.

  • 2” x 2”: Although smaller than your average business card, this will fit perfectly in your pocket or wallet so you can take it anywhere. Minimal design and text are best for this size.
  • 2.5” x 2.5”: This is just the right size that ticks all the boxes. It’s small enough and easy to handle but has enough space so you can put in more information.
  • 3” x 3”: This size can still fit in your wallet or pocket and has room for bigger artwork and longer text.


Need more space? Don’t be limited to just one side. Maximize the square footage of your business card by printing on the front and back. You can double up on the information, graphics, and other design elements.

  • Matte coating offers an understated style and class that looks high-end. Although you can’t see it, this scratch-resistant coating can take on wear and tear with elegance.
  • Gloss finish makes print colors shine while protecting the stock’s surface from scratches, smudges, and stains.
  • High Gloss UV coating has a very high reflective shine. This makes colors more vibrant and helps your business card resist damage from sunlight or moisture.
  • Silk lamination provides a smoother feel and extra durability. Making your card tear and water-resistant.
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